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opentaps provides a business operations framework and unified database, and a venue for teamwork and coordination for people. It also provides most of the basic operating processes that businesses require in a form that guides and coordinates the tasks of team members toward your defined best practices, all the time (24/7). Team members discover that it is easier to find out what is happening and what need to be done next.

The opentaps business operations model includes these basic processes that can be configured and deployed for your business:

                               * Customer Management
                               * Fulfillment 
                               * Cash Management
                               * Production Management
                               * Operations Management and Control 

Figure 2 illustrates the implementation of these process flows that link customers and individual business teams all working with the unified database in real-time.

UserManual Figure2.jpg

Now, it is very important to note that opentaps is a real-time system, that is secure and accessible from anywhere at any time over the internet. Thus, not only does it provide basic processes and unified data, but it does this for everyone in your organization whom you have authorized, in real time, no matter where they may be located. This is a killer capability of the system, something that leaders will use to leapfrog their competition and achieve the consistemt performance and best business value they desire.

A real business management vehicle is required if such results are to be achieved. Enabling such potential results for business development leaders is a key motivation for the Opensource Community, the providers of opentaps.

The remaining parts of this section provide more information about the recommended way to implement opentaps, the skill groups involved, and some notes on initial set-up considerations.

Section Pages Managing Your opentaps Implementation Project