The System Administrator's User-names and Passwords

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Admin IDs and Passwords

By default, in opentaps the administrator is supplied with several user login names, including these:

* User logins “admin”, “flexadmin”, and “ltdadmin” are by default configured with password “ofbiz” 
* User logins “1” and “2” are for use with the Point Of Sales terminal and are by default configured 
with passwords “1” and “2”.  

These user logins and passwords are loaded during installation to allow for initial access, and they must be managed during initial configuration for security, so that none of them are left as-is. This would make the system accessible to unauthorized people.

To secure your system for production, the opentaps administrator will use the Party Manager tab to disable the admin logins that aren’t needed and to change the password of the ones that you do intend to use.

Special Note: Then, your technical support person must go to the server and change the system file called,

* applications/securityext/ofbiz-component.xml and comment out the line,
* PasswordSecurityData.xml, 

so that subsequent maintenance of your system (for example reloading of seed data) would not cause the system to reset your admin passwords to those original values again.

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