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Leads represent early stage contacts or accounts. When a lead is converted, a contact and/or an account are created. Leads are first assigned to the user who created them and are initially in the “Assigned” state. When you have qualified a lead, then click on [Qualify Lead] to mark it as “Qualified.” When you convert a lead, you will have two options, and you will be taken to a screen and asked:

1.  Whether you want to create it as a new account
•  If no existing account is selected, then a new Account is created based on the company
information, and the lead becomes a Contact of that Account.
•  The Lead's contact info (address, phone, email) also become contact info of the Account.

2.  Whether you want to make a new contact of an existing account.  
•  If the lead's company has already been created, then select an existing account.  If an
existing account is selected, then the lead is made a contact of that account.
•  When you convert a Lead into an existing Account, its contact information stays with the
•  If you select an existing account when converting a lead, then all the company information
of the lead is deleted.  This includes “Company Name,” “Annual Revenue,” “Industry,” 
“SIC Code,” “Ownership,” “Ticker Symbol”, “parent company”

When converting a lead that has opportunities associated with it, the opportunities become associated with both the account and contact to which the lead is converted.

Leads can be deleted if they have not been qualified or converted.

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