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The opentaps system allows you to create contact information items for a person (party) or for a company (party group). Your accounts, leads, or contacts can have as many phone numbers, addresses, or emails as you need. Each contact information item also needs a purpose associated with it to identify the appropriate uses to be made of it.

Rule: When you use the [Create Contact], [Create Lead], [Create Account], the system will create the following contact information based on your initial inputs of data:

•   The address will be created as the General Correspondence and General Shipping Address
•   The phone number will be created as the Primary Phone Number
•   The email will be created as the Primary Email Address
•   The URL will be created as the Primary Website URL

When creating contact information, you should supply an email with a purpose of "Primary Email Address" and an address with a purpose of "General Shipping Address".

*  The Primary Email Address will be used to send automated notification emails (when you have
configured and enabled this function).  
*  The General Shipping Address will be used for orders.

The phone number and email shown on lists of accounts, leads, and contacts are the PRIMARY_EMAIL and PRIMARY_PHONE number.

You can click on any email address listed in the contact information section to send an email if the Email option is enabled on your system. See “Sending Emails” elsewhere in this manual.

A Contact can be added to an existing Account from the Account Details page with the [Create New] button, or from the View Contact page, Accounts section, with the [Assign] button.

You can merge and clean up your collection of leads, contacts, or accounts and thereby consolidate duplicate records. Use the [Merge] link in the shortcuts menu on the left of any of these pages. On the form enter (or look up) the "From Contact" partyId, and the To Contact partyId for consolidation, and then click [Merge] to confirm your intention to merge them. Once you confirm the merge, the data from the from-entry will be copied to the to-entry, and the original from-entry will be permanently erased from the database.

Be very careful with this feature—once removed, your from-contact item cannot be recovered!

Rule: The merge feature may not work if too much From Contact data has already been created which conflicts with other data entries already in the To Contact. If this happens you can edit the From Contact to remove conflicts and try the merge again.

The Leads Tab < Tabs pages > The Accounts Tab

Reference Manual pages > My Contacts Screen, View Contact Screen