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WARNING: The Subscription Application is incomplete and is not currently 
supported for end Users.  Documentation is fragmentary. 

Objectives of the Subscription project

  • Specify a Product to be made available by subscription, such as:
    • a publication
    • a set of files or a downloadable content item
  • Specify Deliverables and Terms:
    • when the Customer purchases this Product, what is the deliverable
    • when is it delivered
    • how long is the agreement in force
  • Track the Customer's Entitlement -- during the term of the subscription the Customers entitlement to receive the Product is tracked and enforced.

Outlook for Completion

No specific scheduling is available.

Pricing_Rules << Manual Pages >> Configuring_Product_Searches

Introduction_to_Catalog_Manager_Concepts_and_Terminology << Section Pages >> Working_with_Products_in_the_Catalog