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In opentaps the Product Pricing is based on a combination of basic price data, and some price rules that you can define for your business. These capabilities provide for defining virtually any pricing scheme your business needs to use.

The basic price data information is maintained in the Product [Price] tab for a product. Each of the following price data types has a particular significance in the opentaps pricing mechanisms:

  • Default Price
  • List Price
  • Promotional Price
  • Average Cost

In the [Catalog] > [Price Rules] screen (in the Catalog Manager), you can create pricing rules using the basic price data, comgined with variables such as these examples:

  • the customer,
  • the product, or
  • the quantity involved.

For example, it is possible to specify quantity discounts, or special discounts for a particular group of products, or for a particular group of customers. Also, conditional pricing based on average cost, rather than list price, can be defined so that it becomes effective only when certain conditions are met.

Such capability provides great flexibility in pricing, but it can also be complex to define and to manage. In the following sections of the User Guide we will discuss the use of Pricing Rules in Step-By-Step detail.

Please refer to the section: Using Pricing Rules: Step-By-Step

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