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Routing Tasks -- The Individual Production Tasks

Each Routing Task is a discrete step in the manufacturing process, and most products employ a number of them, which must be executed in a specific sequence.

The Production Routing is the collection of all Routing Tasks, specifying the exact order of implementing each one of them, so the Routing is the complete list of every Task that must be done to manufacture the finished product.

Each Routing Task can be associated with fixed assets like production spaces, and manufacturing machines. The setup time for the asset, to make it ready for a new production run, and the unit processing time, for each product that is operated on with the asset, can be set up for the specific Routing Tasks. Alternately, you can specify an "Estimated Calc Method" which is used to calculate the total utilization time for the asset, setup plus units processed.

Each product that is to be manufactured will include one or more Routing Tasks that is used in the corresponding product Production Routing. A particular Routing Task can be used on many different products when this is appropriate. This is accomplished by simply including a Routing Task in each of the different Production Routings where it should be used.

Setup the Routing Tasks

The use Routing Tasks navigate from the Main Navigation screen as follows:

* Click: [Purchasing] Icon > [Manufacturing] Tab > [New Routing Task] for a new
     Routing Task, or [Find Routing Task] for an existing Task 
**   From the Find Routing Task list select the desired task to edit, or look it up
        using search to find and select a Routing Task that already exists.

Enter Routing Task General Information

* Enter or Edit information in the top box called "Edit Routing Task" as needed:
**   Routing Task Name -- the name can help you remember which task it is.	
**   Task Type -- the type of operation such as assembly, or sub-contracting
**   Description -- a short description about the specific task or operation
**   Fixed Asset Id -- one fixed asset can be associated with the routing task 
     general definition, or multiple assets can be defined for this routing task in
     the separate box at the bottom of the screen
**   Estimated Setup Time -- time in milliseconds to initially set up this task
**   Estimated Unit Run Time -- time in milliseconds to process each unit of production
**   Estimate Calc Method -- alternative to using millisecond estimates above, specify
     a formula for time estimating that is already configured in the system for you
* Save the data just entered by Clicking: [Submit]

Enter Cost Information for Routing Tasks

Cost information for Routing Tasks can be entered into the system in two ways. As discussed in the Catalog Manager section of the User Guide, each product in the catalog has a Costs Tab where standard costs for materials, labor, and other items can be recorded and used in production activity.

Alternately Routing Task costs can be calculated during task execution by specifing a formula in the "Routing Task Costs" box for each Routing Task. These cost calculation formulas are set up in advance by the system administrator for use with the Routing Task screen.

Setup needs to be added to the configuration section of the User Guide.

Deliverable Products

The "Deliverable Products" box provides for listing the various products where this Routing Task is applied in production Routings. The association between manufacturing process elements like Routing Tasks and products where they are used can also be viewed in the Catalog Manager product section, Associations Tab.

When the use of a Routing Task is only appropriate for a specific range of production quantity, such as more than some minimum number of production volume, or less than some maximum number, these values can be included with the Product ID entries in this area of the screen.

When a Routing Task is good over a specific calender period the beginning and ending dates for use of the Routing Task can be entered in "From Date" and/or "Thru Date"

The system will check for proper Routing Task application according to the specified limits when provided.

Fixed Asset Estimates"

When additional fixed assets are associated with the Routing Task, standard cost estimates for their application can be added in the bottom screen area "Fixed Assets". For each asset used an estimate is calculated from the values provided for:

  • Fixed Asset Type Id -- included for identification of the estimate
  • Estimated Quantity -- quantity of product covered by the time and cost numbers
  • Estimated Duration -- time duration for the asset when applied to the Routing Task
  • Estimated cost -- cost estimate for application of the asset to this Routing Task

This completes setup of a Routing Task.