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Release Testing

These are some general tests, which should be performed prior to releases:

  • checkout opentaps from the SVN
  • Make sure that ant run-install works.
  • Then check the basic functionality for doing the following:
    • CRM - create leads, qualify them, convert them to accounts, create notes, opportunities, tasks, events
    • Catalog - create new categories and products, make sure they show up on ecommerce
    • ecommerce - see new products, sign up as new customer, place orders, see order history
    • purchasing -- creating new supplier with contact information
    • catalog - create purchasing information for supplier
    • purchasing -- create purchase orders for product
    • warehouse -- receive products on purchase orders, verify that the inventory in the warehouse has increased.
    • warehouse - Pack & ship orders, verify that the inventory has decreased.
    • warehouse -- create a production run for PROD_MANUF, schedule and confirm it, make sure that it shows up on the calendar, complete the production run, and make sure that the inventory for PROD_MANUF has increased and the inventory for MAT_A_COST and MAT_B_COST have decreased.
    • Order - create sales and purchase orders
    • Financials - see invoices and trial balances. Trial balances should always be equal on debit & credit.
  • Make sure ant run-tests works

Release Packaging

  • from a fresh checkout, run ant run-install
  • change the release version in framework/common/config/CommonUiLabels.xml
  • make sure the GWT configuration is set to compile for all locals and all browser in opentaps-common/src/common/org/opentaps/gwt/common/common.gwt.xml
    • uncomment all extend-property
    • comment out <set-property name="user.agent" ..>
  • don't forget to regenerate the labels after that
  • run ant (so the GWT modules are rebuilt)
  • remove logs in runtime/logs
  • make a zip file with the root directory which should be opentaps-{version} (for example opentaps-1.0.2). Also note that we do include the .svn directories in the release (pointing to the trunk).
  • unzip the file and verify that the data has been installed

Make sure your package contains the demo data installed in localderby database.