Recurring Invoices Screen

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To Access Recurring Invoices from the Main Navigation menu, proceed as follows:
Click: [Financials] Icon > [Ledger] Tab > [Recurring Invoices] Shortcut
The Recurring Invoices Screen opens, displaying any Recurring Invoices at the top of screen.

Existing Recurring Invoices line entries can be edited for a different recurrence rate, or removed using buttons on the displayed list.

Edit: the rate of recurrence by selecting the new rate from the recurrence drop down menu, and 
Click: [Update] button.  
Clicking the [Remove] button will remove the recurrence settings from the displayed invoice.  

The Recurring Invoices Screen allows you to set existing invoices to recur at a given frequency. This is useful for invoices that you send out or receive on a regularly scheduled basis. To set up a Recurring Invoice, for one of your existing Invoices:

Enter: the internal InvoiceID in the blank field provided
Select: Recurrence from the drop down box, this is the rate of recurrence for example, "Daily" or "Monthly"
Click: [Add] button,
This will add the recurrence settings to the selected invoice.  

To review the whole invoice, to navigate from this screen,

Click: any listed InvoiceID, this will open the View Invoice Screen.

Refer to View Invoice Screen for additional information about the invoice.