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This screen is designed for processing a COD Statement for a shipper who would collect Cash On Delivery (COD) payments on behalf of your company. The shipments for COD must have been billed with COD and scheduled with the carrier. When the carrier sends a COD statement, go to [Financials] > [Receivables] >> [Receive COD Statement], and you will see a screen like this:

COD statement.png

This screen lists all invoices which were generated from orders that have already been shipped and have payment method of COD. It lists the shipmentId, the invoiceId, and the tracking numbers. Enter the check number and amount for each shipment on your carrier’s COD statement. Enter the carrier’s statement number in the Reference Number column. Enter the COD fee into the adjustment amount. For example, a $2 fee should be entered as -2.00 When you are ready, click on [Apply to Invoices].

The system will create a payment from the customer of the payment method “Billed to COD” for each COD payment the carrier has collected. If the payment covers the invoice amount, the invoice is automatically marked Paid. The customer’s outstanding Accounts Receivable balance should be reduced and transferred to Uninvoiced COD Receipts.

The system will then create one sales invoice to the carrier (ie, UPS) for all the items received, minus the adjustment amount: COD Invoice.png

This invoice could be searched for using the statement number as its “Ref Num.” Initially, the invoice to the carrier is in the Pending state, which means that it could be modified. Once it is correct, click on [Mark Ready] and the invoice will be posted to the ledger. At that point, the Accounts Receivables balance of the carrier is increased.

When the check from the carrier is received, use the regular [Financials] > [Receivables] >> [Receive Payment] to receive a payment from the carrier and apply it to this invoice.