Products Sold or Bought in Sets

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Many products are bought or sold in sets. For example, you might purchase 1000 kg of something and sell it by the pound. In opentaps, the different sets as well as the base product are created as separate products and associated with each other through a Bill Of Material. This allows you to track their inventories independently of each other, and you can also set prices for the sets which are not directly related or proportional to that of the base product.

If you have a product which is always assembled from one or more base products when it is sold, you can create it with product type "Marketing Package." Whenever a sales order is created, a product of the type marketing packages automatically produced from its Bill Of Material, and its component products are automatically used up. Note that if the order is not fulfilled, the marketing package product will still be in inventory. You can use the Reverse Assembly feature to turned the marketing package back into its components manually.

If you have a product which is purchased in a different quantity then it is inventory (for example, if you purchase a product in units of 1000 but want to keep inventory in units of 1), you can create a product of the type "Purchasing Package." Whenever a product of the type of purchasing package is received into the opentaps warehouse, Reverse Assembly will automatically happen for it, and it will be turned into its components. If you need to reconstitute a purchasing package for any reason, you can create a production run for it.