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Introduction to Configurable Products

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Configurable Products are a type of product comprised of a base Product and several different Component Products which are offered as a compatible set of choices, selected by the Customer when they are Ordering the Configurable Product. The Component Products may be sold only as options to the Configurable Product base at some "option" price which is specified uniquely, or they may also be sold independently and at the same or a different price that must also be specified. The Configurable Product and all the Component Products are stocked in the inventory.

Thus, Configurable Products are different from Products with Feature sets, which are based upon the idea of the Virtual Product (which is a template and has no inventory) and the Variant Product (which are the real products and are stocked in inventory) in opentaps.

Catalog set-up for Configurable Products is described in the following sections. The configured Catalog set-up for Configurable Products is illustrated in Figure 9B (click the thumbnail image).

How Configurable Products are Set Up in the Catalog

opentaps supports the Configurable Products structure with the following Set Up steps. Refer to the Step-By-Step detailed guide which follows for additional details, Step-By-Step Configurable Product Set-up

"Defining the Base Configurable Product, the Config Items, and the Config Options"

  • Base Configurable Product -- The base upon which the Configurable Product is offered is defined in [Catalog] > Product section as a Product having the Type "Configurable Good".
  • Configurable Items ("Config Items") -- Component Products that are compatible and will be sold with the base Configurable Product are first defined in the [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] menu > [Configurations] link in groups of similar type components called "Config Items". A Config Item is a type of component such as a hard drive for a computer, or floor mat options for a car.
  • Config Options -- Each of the Config Items just defined (above) is then expanded, in the [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] > [Config Items] > [Config Options] button, into a set of optional choices called "Config Options".

For details, refer to Specifying the Base Configurable Product and Config Items.

"Defining the Component Products

  • Component Products -- Each Config Option is a real product of the type "Component Product" with it's own Product ID, and it's own page in the [Catalog], including the [Prices] page.
  • Component Prices -- The Price listed for a Component Product sold as one of the "Config Options" must be entered in the Catalog with the "Purpose" of "Component Price".
  • Component Product Page -- These real products, often purchased from Vendors, require inventory and a full definition for purchasing, order processing, payment, accounting, and delivery.

"Linking the Component Product to the Config Option"

  • Linking the Component Product to the Config Option -- In the [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] > [Config Items] > [Config Options] button there is a menu box to use for linking a Component Product to the Config Option that will display for the Customer to make a selection of that Option or another Option in the same Option Item (or the same option group, that is). Refer to the Step-by-Step guide for details.

For details, refer to Defining The Component Products and Linking to Config Choices.

"Adding the Config Items to the Configurable Product for Sale"

  • Configuring the Product page with the Configuration Items -- In the [Catalog] > Product section > [Configurations] Sub Tab there is a screen for specifying which of the previously defined "Config Items" will be the ones available as compatible (standard or optional) Components to order along with the base Configurable Product.

For details, refer to Adding Config Items to the Base Configurable Product.

Once these four Set-up steps are finished, the Configurable Product should then be fully defined in all of it's other Product section tabs, so that it can be put up for sale.

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