Outsource a Task Tests

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This test verifies that a routing task could be outsourced correctly.


Create a routing task in Manufacturing > Routing and associated with the routing PROD_COST Go to Purchasing > Suppliers >> Outsource a Task Enter the following values:

  • Supplier ID = DemoSupplier
  • Routing Task ID = ID of the routing task you just created
  • ProductId, internal name, supplier product id, supplier product name = anything you'd like
  • Price = unit price

Click on [Create]


Now go back to Catalog and find your product using the productId you just entered. You should be able to see the following information on the various tabs:

  • Product: productId, type of "Contract manufacturing service", internal name what you just set
  • Suppliers: a record for the purchasing information, including supplier product id, name, and last price
  • Work Efforts: a record linking this product to the routing task Id and a relation type of "Product for purchasing outsourced manufacturing task"

You should also now be able to create and execute outsourced production runs with steps similar to Making a Product with One Outsourced Step