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The thesaurus is a list of terms that are synonymous and are used as word substitutions in the search function to produce improved results. For example, you may want users who search for “laptop” on the Web Store to see the results for the term "notebook" also. This is an example of a related term used to produce a more comprehensive result.

To access the Thesaurus from the Main Navigation page,
Click: [Catalo]g Icon > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down menu >
        [Thesaurus] link.

To enter a term as in the above example, open the Thesaurus page, and

In the "Keyword" box, Enter: laptop
In the "Alternate" box, Enter: notebook
In the "Relationship" drop down box, Select: Related Term
Click: [Add] button to record the synonym.

The Thesaurus word list can also be used to correct spelling. For example, if an entry is made for "lapptop" as an alternate for "laptop" (the relationship of “correct spelling” can be used for the reason for this entry) then the search will produce the same results for either entry in search.

You can also add “computer” as another alternative for “laptop,” using the relationship “broader term.” Then, “laptop” will return results for "laptop", “notebook” and “computer.”

Below the menu for defining keyword relationships, you will see a series of letters. Click any letter to see the keywords which begin with those letters. Thus, when you have a large collection of keywords that can to be separated out into multiple pages this makes for easier access to specific words.

Each keyword displayed in the list will also show the list of it's substitutes and their relationships to the original keyword. Thus, if “laptop” has substitutes “computer” and “notebook”, then both words will be listed to the right of “laptop” with their respective purposes.

Managing Reviews from Web Store Customers

To access the Reviews from the Main Navigation page,
Click: [Catalo]g Icon > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down menu >
        [Reviews] link.

The Reviews page is used to approve product reviews before they are shown to customers. Once a customer enters a product review on the Web Store, it is displayed in the Reviews page, with the name of the customer (even if the customer wishes the review to be anonymous), customer's product rating, and customer's comments.

As the administrator, you can take the following actions:

  • Modify the customer's review (the rating or comments) according to your policies.
  • Change the status of the review from “Pending Approval” to either “Approved” or “Denied.”

Once approved, the review would become “live” and viewable by Customers or others on the site.

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