Open Requirements Screen

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This screen can be accessed from the Main Navigation page as follows:

Click: [Purchasing] Icon > [Planning] Tab > [Open Requirements] button

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This screen is intended for you to review and act on the open purchasing requirements which could be generated automatically from sales orders or from MRP. It shows a list of all the requirements which have not yet been approved for one of the company owned facilities, or a third party facility where the company maintains inventory.

To View all open requirements,

* Click: [Find] without specifying any search parameters.

To Search for open requirement You can narrow down the list of the requirements by using these search parameters:

  • Requirement Id -- The Id number of a requirement
  • Requirement Type Id -- Choose the source of the requirement from the drop down box
  • Facility Id -- Choose the facility originating this requirement
  • Product ID -- Specify a specific product ID, to see product requirements plus requirements for needed bill of material components required to make an internally manufactured product.
  • Supplier -- See requirements for specified Supplier items
  • Status -- View either Created Requirements, or Proposed Requirements from planning reports
  • Description -- Specify key words in the requirement description
  • Required By Date -- View requirements for specific date ranges

The list of open requirements returned by your search shows these data items:

  • Requirement ID
  • Requirement Type
  • Facility
  • Product
  • Required Date
  • Status
  • Supplier
  • Quantity
  • and a Checkbox.

To act on the open requirements, Editing, Updating, Approving, or Canceling them:

* Click a Requirement ID to open the Edit Requirement Screen for that item, or
* Select the checkboxes of items to act on, and 
* Enter any modification of the Supplier, or the Quantity, then
* Click: [Submit] to Approve, or
* Click: [Update] to Modify Only, or
* Click: [Cancel] to remove the selected requirements.

Finally, the upper right hand corner of this screen has an [Approve All] button.

* Click: [Approve All] to Approve all of your open requirements at once.