My Teams' Opportunity Screen

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Finding the "My Teams' Opportunity Screen

The "My Opportunities/My Teams' Opportunities" screen is the default screen in the Opportunities section of opentaps CRM. You can bring up the screen by clicking on the "Opportunity" button in the header of any screen in opentaps CRM.

You can select whether you want to view just your accounts' opportunities or those of all the accounts on which you are a team member, based on the criteria for your accounts and your teams' accounts.

Sorting the Opportunity List

The "My Teams' Opportunity" screen lists the your teams' opportunities information including the opportunity name, stage, opportunity amount, and estimated close date. You clicking on any of the information buttons on the header, you can organize the opportunities list by the relevant category.

Viewing/Editing an Opportunity

Clicking on an opportunity will bring up the complete View Opportunity screen, which has more detailed opportunity data. The View Opportunity screen also allows you to edit or delete the entry.