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Introduction to Product Catalog Configuration

Product Catalog Sub-Tabs Functionality

The Catalog Tab Create or Edit a Catalog -- covered in the previous section. Each Product Catalog can specifying it's look and feel with it's own style, its own Header logo, and its own content.

TECH NOTE: The CSS file, Content repository, and Freemarker template repository may be specified. The Catalog's
file system content path prefix and the content templates path prefix may be specified for each Catalog.  Thus
the presentation of each Catalog can be easily customized with the help of the Technical System Administrator
who is familiar with Java language constructs. 
  • The Stores Tab Stores Tab -- shows a list of Stores that this Catalog is currently featured in. Note that Stores and Catalogs do not have a one-to-one relationship: a particular Store can feature multiple Catalogs, and a particular Catalog could be featured in many Stores.
  • The Parties Tab Parties Tab -- shows Parties which have a significant Role associated with this Catalog. For, example << What does associating a party with a catalog do? >>
  • The Categories Tab Categories Tab -- shows the different Product Categories of this Catalog, and the very important "Product Catalog Category Type" that they are assigned in this Catalog. Specifically the Category types include these:

Tutorial on Product Catalog Category Types

The following are Categories having the purposes described:

  • Catalog – standard product catalog category, with descriptive information and products.
  • Quick Add – products on these categories can be added all at once
  • Promotions – for the default ecommerce store, the products in the promotions category

will be shown on the first page to all visitors

  • Browse Root – root category for browsing through the ecommerce Web Store.
  • Default Search – product searches by default are done in this category.
   WARNING: If you want only a subset of your Products to show up on your online Stores’ Search results, then
   you must create a Category with only the Product subset in it, and then make it the “Default Search”
   Category for your Catalog. Otherwise, your Stores’ Search results will return all matching Products,
   including those which should not be viewed.

There are these additional Categories whose Products are featured on the Website Store, including these:

  • What's New -- Products that you want to highlight as new ones.
  • Most Popular -- Products that you want to highlight as the most popular.

Create_or_Edit_a_Catalog << Manual Pages >> Configuring_E-Commerce_Functional_Components

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