Merging Duplicates in CRMSFA

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The [Merge ...] function block is available in the following CRMSFA > Tabs:

  • Leads Tab
  • Contacts Tab
  • Accounts Tab

The functionality is similar in each Tab so we will explain the function by using the following example of the Accounts Tab.

Example -- Merging Two Accounts

In the Accounts Tab the standard function block [Merge Accounts] is provided and is further described in the manual page Merging Duplicates in CRMSFA. When accounts are merged, one of them survives and one of them is deleted. Be careful to allow for the deletion that occurs.

To Merge Accounts in CRMSFA > Accounts Tab > [Merge Accounts] you proceed as follows:

  • Enter or lookup the ID of the account to be eliminated in the first data box labeled "From Account".
  • Enter or lookup the ID of the account that will survive in the second box labeled "To Account".
  • Click: [Merge]

This will move data items associated with the first listed account into the second listed account. Then the first listed account is removed from the database and cannot be recovered. Be careful when merging.

If there are known conflicts between data contained in the two accounts, for example the primary address may be in conflict, and you are not sure that the correct one will be preserved, you can remove the incorrect data entry form one account so that the other account entry will be retained after the merge.

If you have a list of accounts that needs a lot of cleanup of duplicate accounts, it may be possible to use an available system service for eliminating duplicates of various kinds. This service is for use by technical system administrators only. It is described in some more detail at Merging Duplicate Customers.