Merging Duplicate Customers

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To merge duplicate parties, you can run the following services either from a script or from the Web tools application:

  • crmsfa.findCrmPartiesForMerge -- will find candidates for merging. These are customers which may be duplicated, based on their e-mails, names, and addresses. Once you have run the service, look in the PartyMergeCandidates entity to see the proposed candidates for merging. If you do not agree with the reasons for merging the two parties, set the doNotMerge field.
  • crmsfa.autoMergeParties -- will merge the propose candidates, which were found by the previous service. When you run this service, you will be prompted for a single parameter called "validate." If you enter "N" here, the merge will be done without checking whether the two merged parties have the same CRM roles. Thus, a lead and a contact would be merged into each other, and non-CRM parties could also be merged into each other.