Invoice Partners Screen

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This screen is used to invoice your partners based on their invoices to their customers. The fields are:

  • Partner Party - Specify the partner whom you wish to invoice from the dropdown, or leave it empty to find all invoices which fit the other criteria.
  • From Date and Thru Date - Specify the date range for the partner invoices to be invoiced.

Click on [Find] to bring up a list of the partner invoices, showing:

  • Invoice ID - Unique system-generated ID for this partner's invoice.
  • Ref Num - The manually entered reference number of the invoice.
  • Invoice Date - Date of the invoice
  • Partner - Name and ID of the partner
  • Customer - Name and ID of the partner's customer
  • Amount - Amount of the invoice

Click on the select box on the right to choose which invoices to use to invoice your partners. The system will then create a new sales invoice to your partner combining the amounts from all of these partner invoices.

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