Inventory Value Detail Report

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This screen allows you to run an inventory valuation report based on the actual inventory items owned by your company. You may run the report for a specific inventory product by entering the internal product ID (or search for it using the lookup widget), or for all product in your inventory by leaving the "Product ID" field blank and clicking the [Run] button. The report will be as of the current date and time.

The report will contain the following information:

  • Inventory Item - This is the internal ID number for the product in the inventory.
  • Product - This is the internal product number for the product.
  • Serial No. - This is the serial number of the item (if none is specified this will display "Non-Serialized").
  • QOH - This is the Quantity on Hand value, and is the number of units currently in your inventory.
  • Unit Cost - This is how much each unit costs to manufacture or purchase from the vendor.
  • Value - This is the product's sale value.
  • Cuml Value - This is the cumulative value of inventory products as listed.

The inventory value detail report will calculate the subtotal of your inventory. It will also display any adjustments relevant to your inventory (for example, inventory products currently being manufactured or scheduled to be ordered from a vendor). The Total Inventory Value is displayed at the bottom of the report.