Inventory Stock Levels

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You can set the inventory stock levels for your products in each facility where products are kept. Each facility could have a minimum stock quantity and a minimum reorder quantity. These settings will be used by Material Resources Planning to establish product restocking requirements for reorder or manufacture when stock falls below the criteria you set.

If you use a backup warehouse to stage inventory used for restocking, you can also configure how inventory will be transferred from Backup Warehouses.

To use these functions proceed as follows:

*  From the Main Navigation screen Click: Catalog Icon > open a Product page in the Catalog 
   (Refer to The Catalog - Setting Up Products to Buy and Sell
   if you need help navigating to the Catalog Product page.)
*  On the Product page Click: Facilies Tab
*  The Facilities For: "product name" page opens

This page displays a data form where Warehouse and Store inventory stocking rules are defined.

The Inventory Stocking Rules

An inventory stocking rule line item includes these data fields:

  • Facility Id -- the Warehouse being stocked
  • Minimum Stock -- minimum acceptable stock level for the product being managed
  • Reorder Quantity -- the reorder quantity available for this product
  • Days To Ship -- the planning lead time from stocked to shipped status for this product
  • Replenish Method Enum Id -- use one of the rules are listed below
  • Replenish From Facility Id -- the Warehouse facility ID where replenishment stock is kept

There is an [Update] button, and a [Delete] button for each existing line entry.

Add An Inventory Stocking Rule

To add a new line entry, for the Product inventory in a specific facility, use the "Add Facility" section below the table.

*  Provide the data required. 
*  Use a replenishment method rule from the list below.  
*  Then Click: [Add]

The Replenishment Methods

Fill in the Replenish Method Enum Id field with one of these rules which will be applied to facility you enter into the Replenish From Facility Id.

The available replenishment rules are:

  • "Never transfer" -- inventory is never transferred from backup warehouses. They will always be produced or purchased at the warehouse where they are needed.
  • "Transfer from backup warehouse if available" -- shortfall inventory is transferred from backup warehouses if the backup warehouse has inventory. This is the default option.
  • "Transfer from specified warehouse if available" -- shortfall inventory is transferred from the specified warehouse if that warehouse has inventory, and the predefined backup warehouses are ignored.
  • "Always transfer from backup warehouse" -- shortfall inventory is transferred from the backup warehouses, whether they have inventory or not. If they do not have inventory, the system could create a transfer requirement for you.
  • "Always transfer from specified warehouse" -- shortfall inventory is transferred from the specified warehouse, whether that warehouse has inventory or not.