Inventory Processes

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Inventory Topcis

In the modern opentaps system the Inventory Processes are a part of the integrated and automated fulfillment work flow, providing a key dynamic link between sales, procurement, and delivery operations. Of course, Inventory also includes the complete catalog, stock level, and adjustment of all products, parts, and materials used in the resale or the production business.

From the Main Navigation screen, following the Warehouse Icon, the Inventory Processes covered in this section are the topics displayed in Figure-4A in the blue Actual Inventory box. This includes these items:

The Actual Inventory Processes
** Inventory Tab
         o Current Inventory
         o Reservations Functionality
         o Back Orders Functionality
         o Receiving Inventory
         o Moving/Changing Inventory
         o Tracking Inventory 
** Inventory Locations
** Inventory Valuation 

Wiki Fig4A MRP Drives Fulfillment.jpg

This is a major part of what we have referred to as the input side of fulfillment, which includes stocking and managing inventory that is ready to ship or to support production. Refer to Shipping Process for the output side of inventory and delivery.

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