How To Use Monitoring Agents

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Most monitoring agents will need to be declared as arguments to the JVM. In order to do that, dimply edit the (or .bat on windows) script and replace the following:



  MONITORING="the agent parameters"

New Relic RPM


New Relic RPM is a web-based service which helps you monitor, diagnose, and fix application performance problems in real time. Statistics about your application are uploaded to the New Relic server, which gives you information about response times, database queries, and Web transactions. The basic monitoring service is free, and additional services can help you troubleshoot and optimize your application.

First download the zip file containing the jar and download the YML file (available on the same page). Unzip the zip file and put the YML file in the same directory.

Then edit your or startofbiz.bat and add


NOTE: this needs to be the full path, like /home/me/opentaps/newrelic/newrelic.jar, not just the relative path from your opentaps directory.

Next change VMARGS to


Finally start Opentaps with the and you should start receiving data on their dashboard.

You can get a free month of New Relic RPM Gold with promotion code OPENT210ZHL.




Then start Opentaps with the script and use JDK_HOME/bin/jconsole to connect to the opentaps JVM and start monitoring.