Find Paycheck Screen

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This screen allows you to look up a paycheck. The relevant fields are:

  • Payment Id: internal system ID of the paycheck
  • Paycheck Type: the type of the paycheck ("California Paycheck", "New York Paycheck".) If left blank it is any paycheck type which has been configured for your organization.
  • Pay to Party: internal system ID of the employee to whom the paycheck is made out
  • Status: status of the paycheck
  • Effective Date: Date of the paycheck
  • Payment Method: The companny account where the paycheck is drawn from.
  • Check/Ref Num: The check number of the paycheck

If you do not enter any fields and press [Find Paycheck] the system will return all paychecks of any type in any status.

Click on the ID of the paycheck to view paycheck details