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opentaps is meant to be customized and extended for your own needs. You can build your own opentaps-based component or application using the tools described in this wiki. This page is for the "best practices" of building additional components which extend opentaps.

  1. Keep it all separated by creating your own hot-deploy/ component and putting everything in there. This component should have your own entities, services, webapp with controllers, screens and pages.
  2. Reuse existing functionality by referencing existing entities, services, use the include-controller to includes segments of an existing controller, and reference existing screens and pages from your component.
  3. Give your own the prefix for the entity names and service names, like "mySalesXXX" or "myCreateXXXX", so that there is no risk of collision later on.
  4. It might be better not to use extend-entity to change existing entities, and just add your own entities which are related to existing entities, if you need additional fields.
  5. You still may need to deactivate some SECAs, EECAs (event triggers) in the core opentaps and ofbiz components
  6. Keep a file to log what you have changed in the core.