Editing the Additional Product Feature Details screen

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"Edit Feature" Screen, for additional details, is the second of two screens providing description of a Product Feature,

  • Edit Feature Category Feature -- the first screen provides initial definition of the Feature
  • Edit Feature -- the second screen provides for adding Feature Price, and Feature Supplier information to the items included on the first screen.

There are five data boxes on this screen:

  • Edit Feature -- the basic Feature info described in the last section can be edited if desired.
  • Edit Feature Price -- The following data is provided for editing or deletion in this box, with one line for each Price Type provided:
    • Price Type
    • Currency
    • From Date
    • Thru Date
    • Price
    • Update
    • Last Modified By
    • Delete
  • Add Feature Price -- for entry of another Price information line with the same data items.
  • Supplier Specific Feature Information -- supplier specific information is captured in this box including:
    • Suppliers
    • Product Description
    • Currency
    • ID Code (used by the supplier)
    • [Update] button for saving edits
  • Create information for new supplier -- a new line of supplier data is entered via this box.