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==Pending Review==
==Pending Review==
[http://www.opentaps.org/docs/index.php/Create_Purchase_Orders_Screen#Order_Items finished screen: create purchase orders screen]

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How This Page Works

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https://demo1.opentaps.org/crmsfa/control/findMarketingCampaigns  http://www.opentaps.org/docs/index.php?title=Find_Campaigns_Screen
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[http://www.opentaps.org/docs/index.php?title=Account_Details_Screen&diff=1308&oldid=1271 Account Detail Changes]

It will look like this: Account Detail Changes

To Do

finish create purchase orders screen

contact information section of the supplier details screen= create contact information commonly used screen

Move the content from Create_Purchase_Orders_Screen#Adding_Items_to_Your_Order to Add_Items_to_Order

New Purchasing Screens:

Contact Chris MONDAY 8:30AM - regarding these Warehouse screens:

  • Open Back Orders
  • Stock Moves
  • Transfer Inventory
  • Manage Lots
  • Ready to Ship
  • Create Picklists
  • Open Picklists
  • Picklists to be Shipped
  • Pack Order
  • Schedule a Shipment

Pending Review

finished screen: create purchase orders screen