Create Paycheck Screen

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This screen allows you to create an initial paycheck for an employee. The fields are:

  • Paycheck Type: type of paycheck. Select one from all the paycheck types which are configured for your organization. By default, paycheck types which are available to any employee will be listed.
  • Pay to Party: system ID of the employee party to whom the paycheck is written. If you change this, the system will refresh the list of paychecks to add the paycheck types which are available to this employee as well.
  • Payment Method: select one of the checking accounts on which this paycheck is drawn. Note that paychecks can only be written against checking accounts.
  • Gross Amount: amount of the paycheck before withholdings
  • Effective Date: date of the paycheck
  • Comments
  • Check/Ref Num: check number

Once you click on [Create Paycheck] it will be automatically created with the deduction and expense line items.