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The Contact Information section provides the contact details for that Tab, including address, phone number, email, and web URL. You can click the [Create New] drop down button and then click the [Address], [Phone Number], [Email], or [Web URL] or [Skype Contact] buttons to add a new entry for the selected contact type. The form for a new contact opens.

When you enter data into this form, pay careful attention to the "Purpose" drop down box, and select the correct option for the purpose of each item contact you enter. The opentaps system will use the purpose entry you provide to route items (like shipments or notification emails) to customer destinations based on the purpose entry. Some items coming in from customers may be organized for team use according the the purpose.

Each contact entry will list the contact type, contact information, purpose, and whether it is OK to solicit the account through that specific contact type. Clicking the [Update] button will allow you to edit these fields for the selected contact channel, clicking the [Expire] button will remove the contact information from the account.

Each entry will note the last time contact information has been updated. Additional information may be available for each specific contact type, where implemented for the Tab in use:

  • Web URLs are linked, so that clicking on the URL will open that page in a new window.
  • Clicking on an email address will take you to the write email screen.
  • For phone numbers, you can note the appropriate person to ask for.
  • For postal addresses you can click the [Map It] button to find directions to the location using Google Maps
  • You can send a catalog to the postal address by clicking the [Request Catalog] button.