Confirm Sent Payments

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The screen allows you to confirm payment that have been sent to your suppliers, commission recipients, and other parties. It will show the following information for all the payments from your organization in the "Sent" status:

  • Effective date -- This is the effective date of your payment.
  • Payment ID -- This is the internal ID of your payment and will take you to the View Payment Screen.
  • Payment Method -- If the payment was made with a payment method, then the description of the payment method (ie, "Primary Checking Account") will be shown. Otherwise, just the type of payment method will be shown (ie, "Cash")
  • Check/Ref Num -- The check or reference number of the payment.
  • Pay to Party -- Name of the recipient
  • Amount -- The amount of the payment.

To the right will be a checkbox. Click on this check box, and on the bottom click on the button [Confirm], and the payments will be changed to confirmed. The ledger entries associated with these payments will be set to "partially reconciled", so when you go to the Reconcile Account Screen, you will see that these payments' ledger entries will already be checked.