Configuring Product Searches

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Note: This configuration information is for the Technical System Administrator.

Search Properties File

Product searches such as those on the ecommerce online store could be configured by editing the file applications/product/config/ This file the relative weights given to the keywords which are generated from each of these Product-related entities.

Using "Default Search" Category

To restrict the results of a search, set up a product category and associate it with your catalog as "DEFAULT SEARCH" from the drop-down box. If you have such a category associated with your catalog, then only the products in this category will show up in search results.

Also Use the Thesaurus

For information about using keyword synonyms refer to the User Guide section, The Thesaurus

With the Thesaurus, keyword aliases can be used to focus the search, broaden it, correct spelling and the like, as explained in the reference section.

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