Configuring Authorize.NET

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Testing Your Setup

Authorize.NET is a payment gateway for processing credit card and e-check payments. It has a live server and a testing server. Both servers behave in exactly the same way with the exception that the testing server does not perform any real financial transactions. Hence, the testing server should be used to do development work and to trial run Opentaps features such as order fulfillment to see how they behave.

The testing server requires a testing account, which is distinct from a real account. A testing account can be obtained from,

Next, you will need to configure for testing. The following setup is recommended,

payment.authorizedotnet.trankey=   Transaction key of the testing account
payment.authorizedotnet.login=     API Login key of the testing account

The test parameter should be set to FALSE except for testing special things that will be described below. Setting it to true will turn on Test Mode, which is a special state that prevents transaction IDs from being generated and affects both the live and testing server. This is generally not useful, except in specific cases as we'll come to in the next section. If unsure, always set test to FALSE.

Then you will need to add the certificate from if you use production setup or for testing setup.

Go to that page with a navigator, then export the SSL certificate of the page. Then on the server add it to your JDK default keystore:

  cd $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security
  keytool -import -trustcacerts -file -alias AUTHORIZE_NET -keystore cacerts

Testing Specific Gateway Failures

Suppose you wish to see what happens when there is an AVS address verification failure (code 27) that results in an authorization being declined. We can trigger the test server to return this by using a special VISA credit card number 4222222222222 and an authorization amount equal to the error code ($27.00). Because the CC validation code will not let you create this number, you'll have to create a CreditCard record by hand and a PaymentMethod for it.

Make the following change to,


Restart opentaps and create an order with an offline payment. Cancel the payment and add a new payment for the amount you want to test, in this example $27. Opentaps will automatically authorize the payment, which should trigger the desired transaction error code 27,

    (TESTMODE) The transaction resulted in an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder.

When you're done, be sure to set payment.authorizedotnet.test back to FALSE.