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There are two locations in the system files where your own company logo can be specified, and then used on all of the screen displays that your Users will see, and on printed documents from opentaps such as the invoices (pdf).

Logo for Screen Displays

Your technical system administrator can place your company logo for display on the system screens as explained in the following box.


  • About Logo Size: A logo size that will fit the available screen space comfortably is 50 pixels high by 250 pixels wide. (You can try other sizes, but watch out for interference with spaces on the various display screens if you use a larger logo.)
  • About Logo Format: Use a logo that is in (jpg) or (png) format.
* In the opentaps installation directory, 
* Open the directory hot-deploy/opentaps-common/webapp/images/
* Rename the file opentaps_logo.png, for example call it opentaps_logo.png.bak
* Place a (jpg) or (png) formatted copy of your company logo into this directory.
* Rename your company logo opentaps_logo.png.  This will avoid the necessity 
  of finding any hard coded references to the logo in various programs. 

The specified logo for your company will be displayed on your opentaps display in the upper left-hand corner of the screens after you make this change.

Logo for Printed Outputs

The opentaps administrator can make the following change to specify your company logo for printed outputs such as invoices.

* Place a copy of the desired company logo in the opentaps installation directory.
* See the note above about logo size and format.
* Rename this file opentaps_logo.png
* Navigate from the Main Login Screen to the following display screen:
  [Webtools] > [Entity Engine Tools] > [Entity Data Maintenance]
* In the "Entities - Alphabetical" box, scroll down to "PartyGroup"
* Click: [All] on the PartyGroup line.
* Scroll down to the PartyID "Company".
* Click: [View], the "Entity Current Value" box opens displaying
  "logoImageUrl" in the middle of the list.
* Click: [Edit] button at the top of the list box.
* The "Edit Value" box opens, again displaying "logoImageUrl" in the middle of the list.
* Now, edit the "logoImageUrl" line so that it now says
  (substitute the real path-to-your-installation-directory for the dummy words)
* Click: [Update] at the bottom of the box.

Now, when you view or print items like the Invoice pdf document the Company logo you have specified will be displayed on the document.

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