Commission Report Screen

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This screen allows you to generate a PDF report of commissions earned by all Sales Reps in the system. You may constrain the report to include commissions earned in a certain date range.

Clicking the [Run Report] button will generate the report.

The report shows the following:

  • Sales Rep - The sales representative who is earning commission
  • Customer - The sales invoice subject to commission
  • INV # - Sales invoice ID
  • INV Total - Total value of the sales invoice
  • Invoice Date - Date the invoice was created
  • PMT Date - When commission is earned on payment, the date the sales payment was received
  • PMT - Amount of the sales payment
  • Commission - Commission earned by agent

The commission earned does not include manual adjustments made to a commission invoice. It represents what was commissioned by agreement.

Commissions can be earned either when the sales invoice is set to ready or when a payment is received. When they are earned on payment receipt, the commission breakdown is by each payment received. For more information about this, please see Commission Timing.