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This user's manual provides information about how to use opentaps as a powerful business management vehicle for companies that are ready to move beyond the traditional tools and style of small businesses. The manual addresses the needs of business process users (Users), including some information for the business system administrator (Admins), and including some information for systems technical support people (Techs).

A system like opentaps must be configured for use, to reflect your own business organization, staffing, products, and processes. That is, it accurately reflects the way your business works. Then when it is configured, it provides a powerful resource for operating the business and moving it forward as it grows and changes.

opentaps is a very modern system for the very modern business environment of real-time, nonstop, global activity that is becoming typical of so many kinds of business. First, we will provide an overview of the system in conceptual terms, who it can help, how it can improve operations, and how it does that.

We will also introduce the idea of the deployment or implementation project to help in setting expectations for the introduction and launch of this type of business operations vehicle.

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