Balances by Vendor Screen

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This screen will show you the outstanding balances for all your vendors as of a specified date or at the end of a pre-configured fiscal time periods. You may manually enter the "As Of" date or search for the date using the calendar widget. You may also use a fiscal time period by selecting it from the drop down menu. Select the Fiscal Type (for example, "Actual" or "Budgeted") from the drop down menu to run the balance sheet for actual results or for budget or forecast results.

The two columns of the report show the vendor name and ID and their outstanding balance. To the right is a chart breaking down outstanding balances for all vendors which account for more than 5% of the total. Above it is an [Excel] button which will generate this report into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Clicking the [Run] button will run the balance sheet. Clicking the [Return to Payables] button will take you back to the Payables home screen.