Approved Requirements Screen

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This screen shows you a list of the approved requirements which should be ordered from the Suppliers.

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The list shows

  • Supplier: name and ID of the supplier
  • Number of unique products to be ordered from this supplier. Note this is the number of products, not the quantity. For example, if you had 3 products for 50 each, "3" will be shown here, not 150.
  • Facility: Select your warehouse for this purchase order.

There are three options to the right of each line of supplier:

  • [Review Order]: Click on this to review the list of items from this supplier and then select the ones to be ordered. You can then initiate the purchase order.
  • [Order All]: Click on this to create a purchase order for all the approved requirements.
  • [Cancel All]: Cancel all the approved requirements for this supplier.
Tip: Note that once you have initiated a purchase order from [Review Order], you have not actually
     created the PO yet.  
     Instead you will be on the final page for reviewing the PO and will be creating it from that 
     page.  In contrast, [Order All] will cause the order to be created.