Add Items to Order

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ProductId - Enter either the productId or a good identification code such as UPC-A or SKU or a supplier product id. The system will look first for a matching productId, then for a matching good identification code (ie, UPCA or SKU or ISBN), and then for a supplier product id number. If none are found it will then display a list of all products that begin with a partial product id, or all products that begin with a partial good id code, or a partial supplier product id.

Quantity - quantity to add to the order.

Ship Before Date - Date to ship before for the vendor

Comments - comments for the vendor.

The system will map the product being purchased to the order item based on the following types:

  • product type = Supplies, order item type = Supplies (to Expense)
  • product type = Fixed Asset, order item type = Fixed Asset
  • product type = Contract Manufacturing Service, order item type = Contract Manufacturing
  • other product type -> product order item type