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Note: The discussion of multiple store setup is for Technical System Admins.

It is possible to set up multiple stores in the system which sell the same products on different websites. (This is different than setting up completely separate companies with their own products and customers—opentaps is not a mall like Yahoo stores.)

To set up multiple stores, you need to:

1. Create multiple Product Stores in the Catalog Manager 2. Create catalogs and associate them with your stores

3. Create WebSites in the content manager, and associate those Websites with your ProductStores.

4. Copy the online store in applications/ecommerce/ to separate directories to your hotdeploy directory, one for each store

5. For each of your stores, edit its webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml file and change the webSiteId to point to one of the WebSites you defined for your ProductStore.

6. You can edit base/config/ofbiz-containers.xml to set up different Tomcat servers or AJP13 listeners on different ports, and then configure each of your stores to use a different server in its ofbiz-component.xml file. At this point, each store can be configured to its own IP address or web URL.

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