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opentaps Version 1.4


The quote screens have been significantly improved upon for opentaps version 1.4. The following information applies to these improved screens:

While viewing a quote, you can

  • [PDF] and [Email] will allow you to print the quote as a PDF or email it to a recipient.
  • [Mini Catalog] prints the quote items out as a "mini catalog" PDF, including pictures and descriptive information. For the images to show up, your system administrator must configure the file framework/webapp/config/ and set the http and https prefix to the URL of your site.
  • [Accept Quote], [Send Quote], [Reject Quote] are used to change the status of the quotes in the system.
  • [Finalize Quote] takes you to the [Finalize Quote Screen] where you can set all the properties of the quote items and then create an order from this quote.

Add Items

Below the quote header, you can add additional items to your quote. Each item could have multiple price/quantity points. For example you can call your customer a price of $10 if he purchased 100 units of a product, or $9 if he purchased 1000 units. You can enter the product ID of the quote item if you know it, or you can leave it blank and simply type in a long description of the product and service in the "Comments" field. This is helpful if you were quoting a product or service which has not yet been created in opentaps. When you are done, you can click on [Add]

Quote Items

Here you will find the list of quote items. You can change the quote item, remove it, or add or remove some of the price/quantity options for your quote item.

Below the quote items, you can bookmark links or upload files associated with the quote. This can be helpful if you need to attach documents such as contracts or engineering drawings to your quote.

opentaps Version 0.9 and 1.0

In these earlier versions of opentaps, there are many tabs for the quote header, the quote items, and other quote related information. To edit or add items to your quote, click on the [Items] tab.

When a quote is newly created, you must click on the [Quote] button next to [View Quote] and change its status to "Accept Quote" and click on [Submit]. This will change the status of the quote to approved. Once the quote is approved, you can click on the button [View Quote] again, and a button for [Create Order] will appear.

For User Manual information refer to The Quotes Tab.