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The Lead section has more detailed information, as well as 5 basic functions:
The Lead section has more detailed information, as well as 5 basic functions: [[Duplicate Lead]], [[Qualify Lead]], [[Edit]], [[Delete]], and [[Reassign]].
'''Duplicate Lead'''
*Clicking [Duplicate Lead] will allow you to create an identical lead listing that can be used to either store alternate information on a lead, or to assign the same lead to multiple team members.
'''Qualify Lead'''
*Clicking [Edit] will allow you to modify all fields available in the "Lead" section.
*This will remove the lead from the "My Leads" list and from the Opentaps system
*This function allows you to reassign the lead to another Team Member.  You can either enter the team member into the reassign field and click [Reassign], or you can click the icon next to the reassign field to search for a team member by first and/or last name, or by selecting the team member from the a list that will appear on the page.

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The "View Lead" screen is divided into 9 distinct sections:


The Lead section has more detailed information, as well as 5 basic functions: Duplicate Lead, Qualify Lead, Edit, Delete, and Reassign.


The "Sources" section allows you to indicate how the lead was generated. Selecting the appropriate option from the pull down menu and clicking [Add] when the lead is generated will automatically store the source as well as the date and time in a visible list on the "View Lead" page.

Please note: The "Sources" section allows you to list multiple sources for an individual lead.

Marketing Campaign

Contact Information

The "Contact Information" section details all of the contact data you have entered for the lead. There are 4 basic functions within the "Contact Information Section:

Create Address

  • Clicking [Create Address] will pull up a screen where you can input one or several addresses for the lead. From the drop down menu you can select the address classification. You may also note whether it is acceptable to solicit this lead.

Please note: If you do not enter in the necessary address fields you will be redirected to the main "View Lead" page and prompted with an error message indicating the missing address field.

After you have created the lead, from the "View Lead" page you will be able to map the address using Google maps, or generate a catalog request. The date and time will be automatically recorded after any edits or actions associated with the address.

Create Phone Number

Create Email

Create Web URL

Pending Activities

Activities History

Catalog Requests

Bookmarks and Files