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This screen will show you information about the paychecks you have created. If the paycheck is still in the "Not Paid" state, then you can edit both the paycheck and its line items. Otherwise, you can only view the paycheck.

This screen is divided into three sections:

  • Paycheck: shows the details of the paycheck
  • Withholdings: shows all the employees' withholdings: the amount of the withholding and to whom it is sent. The withholdings are kept from the employee's portion of the paycheck.
  • Expenses: shows the employers' expenses, including amount and to whom it is sent. The expenses are assessed separately on the employer.

The upper right hand corner are buttons which control what you can do with the paycheck:

  • [Create New]: Create another paycheck of the same paycheck type.
  • [Edit]: Change the paycheck header. See below for more details.
  • [Mark as Sent]: Mark a "Not Paid" paycheck as "Sent". Note that this means the paycheck is final and will cause it to be posted to the general ledger. After you mark a paycheck sent, you can no longer edit it.
  • [Cancel]: Cancel a "Not Paid" paycheck.
  • [Print as Check]: Print the paycheck in three-part check format, showing gross amount, deductions, and net amount.

Editing a Paycheck

When the paycheck is in the "Not Paid" state, you can change the amount and party of every withholding and expense line. You can also click on the [Edit] button to change the paycheck details, including gross amount, check number, and paying account. You cannot change the employee on a paycheck. You also cannot remove or add additional withholding or expense line items. If you change the gross amount of the paycheck, the amounts of the withholding or expense line items will not change automatically--you will have to change them manually. If you change the amounts of the withholdings so that they exceed the gross amount, you will get an error, and the change will not be made.

After you have set a paycheck to "Sent", you can no longer edit it. You can still void this paycheck and issue another one if it is not correct.

Printing the Paycheck

Paychecks are printed to a PDF in the three part check format. The amount shown on the top part of the check is the net amount of the paycheck, which is the gross amount minus the withholdings.

The lower parts of the paycheck will show the following lines:

  • Gross Amount: Gross amount of the paycheck
  • For each withholding, a separate line showing:
    • Withholding item description
    • To whom the withholding item is paid
    • Amount of the withholding item
  • Net Amount: Gross amount minus all the withholdings