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In opentaps the Notes Function is a very important teamwork and communication function that is embedded within the other Tab level functions. It has no separate Tab of its own because Notes (unlike traditional email) are always found in close association with each business situation where they are used, such as accounts, cases, activities, opportunities and the like. The Notes section is typically at the bottom of these screens complete with its buttons, lists, and forms. It is a bit like a private blog for teamwork on a very specific business agenda.

In the CRM subsystem areas including accounts, opportunities, and cases the Notes Function can be used by teams to effectively build their own stronger context, capture and store relevant information in real time, communicate and track the work, and keep current on it's status.

Notes are a good tool for effective teamwork, among members of account or project teams for example, because being highly contextual they are hard to miss, right on the screens where they are relevant. In other words, Notes are associated with the processes that they pertain to, and are listed on the relevant tabs and pages, making them very effective communications when used.

Using Notes: When the Notes section appears on any screen, it is ready to use for creating and posting your correspondence to everyone who is authorized to see the View screen you are using.

Just click [Create New] in the Notes box and enter your message in the text box that is displayed on the "Add Note" screen. Click the [Create Note] button to save the note and return to the "View Account Screen". You can also edit and remove existing notes using the buttons to the right of each note. When you click Create Note it is posted to the system immediately for viewing and action by the authorized team.

The value of using business tools like Notes, which strengthen the context for teamwork and improve management overall, can hardly be overemphasized. This idea is why opentaps has also implemented its own special kind of email handling which places some emails that carry specific flags regarding Cases or Opportunities into close visible context with related business processing screens. This is discussed more in the section Setup for opentaps email Handling.

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