Using REGEX Validation Patterns

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There are references in opentaps User and Reference Manuals to REGEX (or regular expression validation) patterns for testing data in some of the User Forms, and data in some of the XML system configuration files. These references are to the special programming language for coding the test patterns, often called "regular expressions". The language dialect used in opentaps regular expressions is JavaScript.

Consult your Technical System Administrator, or Programmer for assistance in coding and making entries to opentaps configuration pages which require or allow the use of these "regular expressions". Use of the regular expressions for processing data items is in come cases mandatory, and in other cases it is optional (but advisable since it may be testing the validity of data being entered by Users of the system.)

Usually, when regular expressions are mandatory, the system is supplied with a default type of expression that your team can use as an example pattern, and edit for their specific needs.

You can do an internet search on "JavaScript Regular Expressions" to find the latest publications on the subject. The JavaScript specifications contain information on regular expressions.