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opentaps CRM2 is a super-lightweight set of widgets that give you core CRM capabilities, including notes, discussions, activities, and email integration for any application. You can attach them to an existing application or to a new application you're building and instantly allow your users to work together, no matter what your application does. These screenshots show CRM2 being used for order management, but you could also use the same widgets for accounts and receivables collection, customer service cases, leads and prospects, manufacturing work orders, or blog or document authoring. For anything where people work together, CRM2 can help them work better.

The Tour

Imagine someone on your team gets an email from your customer:


The email is automatically tagged to the order that the customer is writing about. You can then start a discussion with other people at your company. To include someone in the discussion, use @name of the user, just like you would on twitter:


The discussion is then sent to everybody by email:


Just click on the email and you see the message sent to you:


You can respond either by visiting the page for the order:


Or you can just respond to the email:


The email responses show up in the order again. CRM2 keeps track of your discussion:


Also, when anybody at your company writes to the customer from their own email:


CRM2 will synch with those email accounts and automatically log all those emails to the order, so you can see a full thread of what everybody in your company has discussed with your customer. (Screenshots coming soon.)