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opentaps CRM2 is a CRM system that helps your team work more effectively using your current tools, without installing or learning new software.  You can access it from the web, from Gmail, and even embed it into your existing order management or business application system.  It lets everybody in your organization work together by sharing their emails, discussions, and activities while using their favorite tools to get their jobs done.
Imagine someone on your team gets an email from your customer:
'''opentaps CRM2 is available for a limited time as a free trial, so sign up today at https://crm2.opentaps.com/signup'''
=== Features ===
* Create notes around any discussion topic, including orders, contacts, invoices, payments, etc.
* Collaborate with your users using familiar @names notation
* Synchronize with multiple Gmail accounts of everybody in your organization
* Monitor tweets for all your contacts with twitter integration
* See who your contacts talk with and what they like to talk about
* Login using Google Apps (Gmail) or Twitter account
* See your contact's activities stream in Gmail, alongside their emails
* Contact and sign up forms for Wordpress blogs
=== Web User Interface ===
The web user interface of opentaps CRM2 has been completely redesigned:
=== Twitter Integration ===
With the new Twitter integration, you can monitor your contacts' tweets:
[[Image:Opentaps CRM2 Twitter Activities Stream.png|700px]]
You can also see what they like talking about, and who they like talking with:
[[Image:Opentaps CRM2 Activities Summary.png|700px]]
=== Gmail User Interface ===
The new Gmail user interface lets you see your contact's activities, includes other notes, discussions, and tweets, from Gmail, as you are emailing them:
[[Image:Opentaps CRM2 Gmail UI.png|700px]]
=== Embedded User Interface ===
opentaps CRM2 can also be embedded into your existing system, such as an order management, lead prospecting, or accounting system.  For example, imagine someone on your team gets an email from your customer:

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Imagine someone on your team gets an email from your customer:


The email is automatically tagged to the order that the customer is writing about. You can then start a discussion with other people at your company. To include someone in the discussion, use @name of the user, just like you would on twitter:


The discussion is then sent to everybody by email:


Just click on the email and you see the message sent to you:


You can respond either by visiting the page for the order:


Or you can just respond to the email:


The email responses show up in the order again. CRM2 keeps track of your discussion:


Also, when anybody at your company writes to the customer from their own email:


CRM2 will synch with those email accounts and automatically log all those emails to the order, so you can see a full thread of what everybody in your company has discussed with your customer.