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=== The Tour ===
=== The Tour ===

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Working Together

Work means working together. Emails, notes, communications between your team and your customers go back and forth endlessly each day. CRM2 captures all those communications, whether they're notes, discussions between your team members, or emails between your team and your customers. They're stored as activities and become available to everybody on your team, so they could work together more effectively.

On Whatever You Work On

Whatever you do, CRM2 helps you work more effectively. CRM2 provides a set of widgets that plugs into whatever system you may already have, so you can have notes, discussions, emails, and activities centered around whatever you work on. You can attach them to an the orders of an order management system, accounts and invoices in a receivables collection system, work orders in a manufacturing system, prospects or leads in a salesforce automation system, or even blog posts, art work, or documents your team is authoring together.

The Tour