Setting up Eclipse IDE for opentaps 2

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If you use Eclipse IDE, here are some instructions on how to set up Eclipse for opentaps 2 development.


Go to Help menu, select Install New Software, and install Maven Integration for Eclipse from

Now use File > Import >> Existing Maven Projects to import your opentaps-2 project into Eclipse. If the "Finish" button on the "Select Maven Projects" page is not highlighted, then uncheck a pom.xml and check it again, then it should work.

If you get the error "opentaps-2 overlaps the location of another project: 'opentaps-2'", then delete the opentaps-2 project from Eclipse first (but not from the filesystem!) and re-import it into Eclipse as a Maven project.

If after importing from maven, your source code directories aren't active as source directories, right click on the directory, select "Build Path" and check "Add as source folder".

If you are using Git for Eclipse as well, you can switch between Git Repository and Java view for your project.

Once you have Maven set up for eclipse, you can right click on the folder for opentaps-2 and under the "Run As" link find "maven install".

Sometimes after large changes, Projects in Eclipse may be broken due to significant changes in POMs. If a project is marked with a red !, then right click on it, and select from the context Maven->Update Project Configuration to update it.

Eclipse Formatting

For formatting consistency, change your tabs to spaces.

For New Modules

Put this inside your <build> </build> tags: