Setting up Eclipse IDE for opentaps 2

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If you use Eclipse IDE, here are some instructions on how to set up Eclipse for opentaps 2 development.


Go to Help menu, select Install New Software, and install Maven Integration for Eclipse from

Now use File > Import >> Existing Maven Projects to import your opentaps-2 project into Eclipse. If the "Finish" button on the "Select Maven Projects" page is not highlighted, then uncheck a pom.xml and check it again, then it should work.

If you get the error "opentaps-2 overlaps the location of another project: 'opentaps-2'", then delete the opentaps-2 project from Eclipse first (but not from the filesystem!) and re-import it into Eclipse as a Maven project.

If you are using Git for Eclipse as well, you can switch between Git Repository and Java view for your project.